The Best Way To Find And Remove Unwanted File Duplicates. Save Time And Work More Effectively!
Duplicate File Cleaner is a quicker and easier way to accurately find&
automatically remove duplicate files for you, such as Outllok Duplicates,
Duplicate Mp3, Bookmark Duplicates, Excel Duplicates, Photo Duplicate
s, etc...
(PC, Outllook, Excel, IE, Firefox, Opera, Itunes, Ipod, Iphone, PSP, Zune Compatibility)
Remove Unwanted Duplicate Files in Your PC

There are many factors that cause the insufficiency of hard disk space for us,

such as small hard disk size, a number of large files like game folders and video

files as well as unwanted files. But we have to pay attention to one more reason -

unwanted duplicate files.

Duplicate files are the same file copies. They can be full copies (when all attributes

are similar) and similar copies (with similar size, name, etc). How do duplicate files

get on hard disk? Very simply - we can’t know about all files in our PC therefore we

easily miss copies. How to solve the problem? Duplicate File Cleaner can easily find and

remove all unwanted duplicate files.

Removing duplicates is very easy and simple without heavy interface and you needn’t to

remember a lot of buttons on tool panel. In the program you can choose the files types

which have copies as you think. For example music files - with the help of Duplicate File

Cleaner you can remove iPod duplicates or mp3 duplicates. If you think certain folder

or disk to have many duplicate files, just select that folder or disk on the left side of

the interface and Duplicate File Cleaner will easily find and manage deleting certain kind of

duplicates. After the scanning finishes, you can delete them to recycle bin or remove them to

a folder or just pulverize them directly. If you don’t have time to deal with it, History

function will keep your scan results so that you can manage duplicate files when you are free.

Data backup can be also very easy. We always back up some important data by Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.

when there are a few copies of files, it’s still easy to compare and renew the files. Imagine

there are lots of files which need comparing and renewing, it’s very easy to miss some copies

of files. With Duplicate File Cleaner, we can easily compare and back up the latest files

without missing any new contents.

Remember Duplicate File Cleaner works for you!

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